Gasoline synthetic oil API SJ/CF-4

Product specifications


Viscosity grade


Product characteristics

American Petroleum Institute API SJ grade
High-quality base oil, providing a high level of wear protection, especially for high-mileage 
Superior additive system, effectively prevent oil thickening; Its clean dispersion and good sludge control, effectively protect the engine 
Compatible with the catalyst to protect the catalyst converter, reduce exhaust emissions.
Good anti-wear protection, good oxidation stability.
Effectively prevent the formation of deposits, prolong the oil change cycle Excellent mobility makes the car at full speed also maintain a stable lubricant film.
(宝马)BMW LL-04 
(大众)VW 502.00/505.00
(保时捷)PORSCHE A40
(沃尔沃)Volvo VDS4       
(雷诺)Renault RXD/RLD-3
Europe ACEA  A3/B4 C3 
U.S.A API Authentication SJ/CF- 4 
Place of Origin   Germany